Telephone Systems

How much could you grow your South Florida business if you had more time to concentrate on it, and had a telephone system for your business that helped you be more efficient? Is your telephone system helping you grow your company? Does your telephone system vendor respond when you call for help?

ComRes offers best-in-class telephone systems in South Florida!

  • All calls are answered by a live body during normal business hours!
  • System installations and maintenance are performed by ComRes employees in South Florida to maintain our high standards of quality and keep costs low
  • ComRes is not tied to any one equipment manufacturer

ComRes provides telecommunications equipment solutions from recognized manufacturers such as Mitel, Avaya, Digium, IPitomy, Iwatsu and more!

We can help your South Florida business grow with a more efficient telephone system and exceptional service.

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Mitel 5360e

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Mitel Communications Systems today is helping businesses develop and launch next-generation IP telephony applications.

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Avaya offers multiple software packages to fit the needs of your organization.

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The IPitomy IP1200 is a powerful business communications platform.

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