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Flexible multi-channel conversational messaging choices
let you easily interact with your clients and potential customers.

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Cloudtalk SMS Basic

$ 19.99

Billed Monthly
Included Addons
SMS 500 Credits, Virtual Number

Cloudtalk SMS PRO

$ 29.99

Billed Monthly
Included Addons
SMS 1000 Credits, Virtual Number

Cloudtalk SMS Advanced

$ 99.99

Billed Monthly
Included Addons
SMS 5000 Credits, Virtual Number

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Boost your SMS service with our customizable
add-ons, tailored for your business needs.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Manage calls online without needing a physical phone line, enabling businesses to establish a local or international presence, offering flexibility in handling customer calls from any location.


Add Credits

Out of credits? Add more credits to your plan with a simple click.

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Elevate Customer Engagement with SMS Communication

Revolutionize your customer engagement strategy by harnessing the simplicity and immediacy of SMS. Instantaneously reach your audience with promotions, updates, and personalized messages that capture their attention. Whether it’s exclusive offers, order confirmations, or feedback requests, SMS enables you to engage customers on their terms. Forge meaningful connections, foster loyalty, and enhance the overall customer experience through the power of timely and targeted SMS communication.

SMS from CRM

Have secure & engaging conversations with your customers directly inside of your CRM

SMS for promotions

Boost Your Business with SMS Promotions

Reach your audience instantly, delivering exclusive deals, limited-time offers, and promotions directly to their mobile devices.  With high open rates and quick response times, SMS promotions provide a cost-effective and efficient way to drive sales, engage your audience, and build brand loyalty. 

Assist your sales representatives in engaging customers one-on-one

Allow your agents to engage with customers one-on-one using a CRM-integrated desktop or smartphone texting for time-sensitive notifications, inquiries, corrections, or expert assistance.

Business Communication SMS Text
sms appointment reminders

Streamlining Appointments with SMS Updates

Say goodbye to missed appointments and last-minute changes. With the convenience of instant text alerts, managing your appointments has never been easier. Embrace the power of seamless communication and take control of your schedule with SMS appointment updates. 

Enhance Billing Efficiency with SMS Services

Optimize your billing processes and foster clear communication with customers through SMS.  Streamline the payment experience by sending reminders, transaction details, and due-date alerts, ensuring that your customers are always in the loop. With the immediacy of SMS, you can significantly reduce late payments and enhance overall customer satisfaction. 

SMS templates

Use on brand templates to provide an uniform user experience

For common client interactions like appointment reminders, billing follow-ups, automated alerts, and FAQs, publish ready-to-use branded message templates.

Manage customer communication consent

Multichannel consent management can be made easier. By integrating online forms with opt-in and opt-out keywords, you can collect and update consent data inside of your CRM. Keep a record of your consent for SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and other communications.

SMS Notifications Business
SMS client retention

Improve Client Retention

with SMS

Stay connected with your clients effortlessly with our integrated SMS service, providing them with exclusive offers, personalized updates, and timely reminders.  Strengthen the bond between your business and clients by leveraging the power of thoughtful and targeted SMS outreach. Embrace the efficiency and impact of SMS to transform client communication and solidify long-term relationships.


Use your preferred CRM account to directly contact your clients through their chosen channels

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Assess the amount and effectiveness of messaging

Track critical customer messaging data like delivery rates, turnaround time, credit use, agent efficiency, and more – all from within your CRM. Also, get notified when certain metrics reach specific criteria that you’ve set.

SMS Business Services
SMS Business Contact

Establish customer messaging in minutes

CloudTalk SMS communications allows you to set your virtual contact numbers, your local time zone, company hours, staff positions, and consent options in no time. Begin messaging records directly with your CRM’s database.

Conversational messaging can be integrated with your favorite CRM

Like other CRMs, you can use your favorite apps with-in Zoho to converse and engage with your audience. Some of these apps include:

  • Zoho Desk
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Zoho Recruits
CRM SMS Business Solutions

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Virtual Phone Numbers

10 DLC Setup

Standard Campaign setup is mandatory for all customers who send more than 3,000 messages per day or use more than 5 long code numbers for messaging to the US.


One Time

Brand Registration Fee $4
DCA Fee $15


Low Volume Campaign $5/mo
Standard Campaign $10/mo

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