VoIP Shouldn’t Mean Dropped Calls, One Way Audio and Lost Customers!

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More and more companies have moved to cloud-based VoIP systems to save money, stay up during power outages or other events, support remote users/locations and get features they need to run their business. VoIP can be an awesome improvement to a business’ technology, but ComRes gets multiple service calls about issues with VoIP – service outages, dropped calls, poor call quality, inadequate customer service and billing support.

Call quality issues are caused by a variety of factors. ComRes finds that VoIP call quality issues are normally caused by poor preparation/planning by the VoIP carrier and the customer.  The most common causes of VoIP call quality are:

*          Internet bandwidth – VoIP requires high-quality, low-latency bandwidth.  Poor quality Internet, or attempting to have too many VoIP users on too little bandwidth will result in serious call quality issues.

*          Cabling – VoIP phones require properly installed cabling.  ComRes always recommends that VoIP phones be installed on a separate cable than the user’s computer, unless the cabling has been properly certified and high-quality data switches have been deployed.

*          Data Switches – using low-end data switches that do not support Quality of Service (QOS) are not a good idea for VoIP phones

*          VoIP phones – In many cases ComRes finds that the VoIP carrier sold the customer very low-end IP phones.  You do get what you pay for – paying less than $100/phone very often will result in quality issues.

Taking the time to properly prepare for a VoIP implementation will ensure that you get the most out of your VoIP service and have fewer call quality issues.

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