Do I Need a Phone System Anymore?

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Many businesses are asking themselves if they need a phone system anymore, or if they do, what features do they really need.

I am in the business and I ask myself that all the time.  There are a variety of options available to replace traditional phone systems and go to cloud-based VoIP service or mobile services.  Each person has different needs and requirements, but here a couple of features and applications that I find useful:

*          Twinning – I have a $600 phone on my desk and I really only use 2 features on it!  One of them is ‘twinning’.  Calls to my desk phone ring simultaneously on my cell phone.  I can answer the call wherever I am at and seamlessly switch the calls between devices with a simply push of one button!  I cannot operate effectively without this feature.

*          Wireless headset – I have a wireless headset that is fully integrated into my phone.  There is no complex handset lifter or antiquated attachment.  I simply push a button to answer/hangup calls and am fully mobile to type or walk around.

*          Click-to-dial – I am not ‘in-love’ with my desk phone.  I sit in a comfortable chair with a wireless keyboard and large-screen TV monitor on the wall. When I want to call someone, I simply click on the number, and my phone automatically dials it for me. Saves time and calls the right number every time!

*          Mobility – I have an app on my smartphone that makes it an extension off of my phone system. When I make calls using the smartphone app, people that I call see my office number instead of my cell.  I have the ability to easily transfer calls to my co-workers, chat with them and check my messages.

*          Remote/soft phones – when I work from home, I have a soft phone on my PC (and another wireless headset!).  I am easily able to act as an extension off of my office system while being mobile.

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