I’m Getting Busy Signals, Do I need more Phone Lines?

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At ComRes, we are spoiled. We have the best technicians working for us, and we do things the right way.  Fortunately for us, not all of our competitors operate this way.  I should not be surprised when I run into phone systems that are not setup properly, but I still am.  Common complaints we get from new clients are things like “we can’t reach our current vendor”, “we are getting busy signals and need more lines”, or “we are getting large, unexpected repair bills for simple changes”.  All of these problems are easily solvable:

ComRes answers all calls with a live body during normal business hours

ComRes uses ConnectWise cloud-based service tracking to make sure problems are resolved correctly and quickly.

ComRes Managed Voice Services plans provide UNLIMITED voice labor to resolve common problems

In one recent case the client was looking to upgrade their system and add lines since they were getting ‘busies’.  What we found was shocking:

*          The system was mis-programmed so that they could not access all of their phone lines, and their voice mail system was constantly busy.

*          No holiday schedules had been pre-defined, so on each holiday, the customer had to call in emergency tickets to route calls to an answering service, at $300 – $500 per call!

*          Several departmental phone numbers were not setup properly and calls either did not get answered or went to voice mailboxes that were never checked

ComRes was quickly able to identify the issues and resolve them, without adding expensive lines or software!

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