VoIP Bundles — Is your phone service a ‘bundle’ of joy?

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We all have bought things in ‘bundles’ for our personal life and business.  Bundling can make a lot of sense to help get the best price, a robust set of features and peace of mind.  However, as companies in industries such as hosted VoIP mature, they start adding to bundles in such ways that may not be in the best interests of their customers.

Hosted VoIP bundles are still useful to get things such as free calling minutes, advanced telecom features or specialized applications.  However, VoIP companies, in order to continue increasing revenue and gain market share have added a lot of things to their bundles that are not always what their customers may want or need.

One thing that we see bundled with VoIP service is Internet bandwidth.  This was initially done by VoIP providers in order to ensure that their VoIP service would operate with good call quality rather than taking the chance that a customer’s poor-quality Internet access would adversely affect their VoIP calls.

Bundled VoIP Service – this type of VoIP service includes VoIP and Internet bandwidth.  With this type of VoIP you are ensured high voice quality (in most cases), but you may be limited to slow Internet speeds, costs may vary, and it limits your ability to easily change either your VoIP or Internet provider if there are issues.

Unbundled VoIP service – this is pure VoIP service.  It works over your existing or separate Internet bandwidth (bring your own bandwidth or BYOB).  This works quite well today since the cost of Internet bandwidth has come down while quality has increased. It also increases the flexibility for a customer to change their VoIP or Internet provider.

For this reason, ComRes normally recommends unbundled VoIP such as our own CloudTalk service.  This can be paired with a customer’s existing high-quality Internet or with a new service from one of the many Internet providers ComRes represents.  Many customers such as Mission Critical have realized the value of unbundling their telecommunications with ComRes’ services.

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