Do you trust your phone bill?

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Phone bills can be tricky to read, and we all get busy, so many times we simply don’t look at them.  I have been in the business for over 30 years and I don’t look at mine every month.  Yet I see copies of other people’s phone bills all the time, and am often shocked at some of the easy things to look for that cause us to pay too much on our phone bills:

*          Services/features not used – Many bills contain items that you may have needed at one time but are no longer necessary.

*          Closed locations – time change – you move out of or close locations. Are you still paying for phone/Internet services for those locations?

*          Old or no contract – Many telecom companies charge you more if you are on an older contract plan or if your contract expired.  In recent bills I have seen customers still paying $1/minute for long distance!

*          Casual billing – some telecom companies (we won’t mention who they are!) allow 3rd parties to add things to your phone bill. This is a deceptive practice – the charges will look like legitimate services you use (e.g. web marketing service, Internet Directory, voice mail, etc.). In most cases, these are not used and were not ordered by anyone in your company.

Get in the habit of reviewing your bill at least quarterly, ask your Accounting department to advise you of any increases in monthly costs, or better yet – contact your ComRes representative for a free telecom bill audit!

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