The Proof’s in the Pudding

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You have probably heard this phrase over and over, but what does it really mean?  When it comes to service, everybody you talk to says that they have the best service, the best people, etc., so who do you believe? How do you tell your own prospects what differentiates you from competitors?

ComRes battles this all of the time.  Companies are confused by technology choices – all of the competitors say they are the best.  In the end, many clients don’t know how to evaluate who is really the best.  They make decisions based on price, staying with what they have, or go with the biggest company.

So what makes you different from your competitors?  Do you have a strategic advantage?  Do you have a Unique Sales Proposition (USP)?

ComRes’ secret sauce is our service.  And there is proof.  We have documented, proven processes on how to onboard new customers, install systems/services, complete service tickets, and handle large projects.  Where our competition has highly developed processes for selling you something, we have highly developed processes for servicing our customers.  If you are comparing technology providers, an easy way to check this is:

            *          Ask for a copy of their service/implementation processes

            *          Check references or read their web reviews

            *          Talk to the operations staff that will actually be doing the work

ComRes acts much differently from the competition from the very beginning when you call in for service:

           –        We answer your call with a live body during normal business hours

           –         ComRes uses a cloud-based service management system to ensure the highest levels of service

          –         All work in S. Florida is done by ComRes employees – we rarely subcontract work for install/service

          –         ComRes has proven, documented processes for handling all aspects of installation/service

          –         ComRes guarantees your satisfaction!

How do you differentiate your company?  

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