Are you using technology to help manage your business?

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ComRes is seeing that many clients are spending money to replace or upgrade their technology in order to help manage their businesses and provide scalability for growth. After years of recession and depressed growth, companies are investing heavily in people and technology. The rate of change has been so rapid that providers are having a difficult time delivering services timely and properly.

There is a pervasive feeling that if ‘you aren’t investing in people and technology, your competitors are’. Technology investments include ERP systems, CRM’s, phone systems, VoIP, IT infrastructure, WiFi, access control, surveillance and automation. So how do you decide what technologies to invest in, how much to spend, and who to use? You should develop a strategic long-term plan, and then look for opportunities to use technology to help you accomplish that strategy.

ComRes can assist you in looking at which technologies might help you, and build a Return on Investment (ROI) for their cost.

Contact your ComRes representative for a free assessment of your technology needs.

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