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Relocation is one of the most challenging things your business will do. For a smooth relocation, follow some common tips

1. Survey your new location

Before relocation, verify

  • Is there a room with a phone board? Does it have power, ground and have enough room?

2. Allow enough time for relocation

Relocating your technology to a new location takes time.

  1. Voice Services Lines – Relocation of phone lines typically takes 1-3 weeks
  2. T-1’s – Relocation normally take 4 – 6 weeks or more from the point that you place an order
  3. Fast Ethernet/Metro Ethernet/Fiber – Relocation can require 3 – 6 months.
  4. Phone/Computer Cabling – Most companies Install new phone and computer cabling during a relocation. Small locations without a permit (under 10 locations) can typically be done in 1-2 weeks. Larger locations may require at least 1-6 months
  5. Phone System and Data Equipment – Relocation of a phone system or data equipment is fairly easy depending on the size of the system and if there is phone cabling already installed. For small offices (under 20 users), most vendors can install or relocate a new system in as little as 1-2. Larger projects may require 1-4 months for proper planning.
  6. Other systems – A successful relocations requires taking a good inventory of other technology you use such as wireless systems, card access, surveillance systems, applications, paging, etc.
  7. Contracts/Leases – what contractual obligations do you have in place? A relocation is the perfect time to research what technologies you have, cancel/disconnect a service that are not under contract, or provide sufficient lead time for changes.

3. Consider hiring a Relocation Specialist

Many businesses experience critical interruptions to their business and customers during a re-location due to poor planning, insufficient budgeting, inexperience with handling relocations and lack of time necessary to manage the move. We all have jobs to do, even owners, and do not always have the time it takes to manage even a small office relocation.

4. Be sure to Communicate with your users on the relocation

Relocating is stressful for users. Prepare users in advance by letting them know the estimated schedule for the relocation, who will be handling what, who to call if they have questions, who to call if they have problems, etc.

You may want to consider setting up a relocation hotline/voice mail or email account for your users to contact you or send in requests before, during and after the move.

5. Backing-Up Phones/Data

Talk to your vendors about backing up critical information prior to your move, including phone systems, voice mail, servers, PC’s and any other technology you use.

6. Do you have a Budget?

Be sure to budget sufficiently for your relocation. Avoid double-billing for services at both locations, and place disconnects for services/tracts that will not be used after the relocation.

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