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Phone bills are something you should look at each month. There are often errors on phone bill, and understand items on the bill will help you in managing it and reducing phone costs.

1. Look at your phone bills

Phone bills change, contracts expires, regulatory fees get added, and sometimes services get added without you knowing it.

2. Are the services on your phone bill correct?

Since you ordered services, things may have changed. You may have ordered a 10-line package, but now business is slower, and you only need 5. Your phone bill may include a long distance plan that is no longer necessary. It is quite common when we look at phone bills to find services for sites customers no longer have.

3. Check the taxes and fees section of your phone bill

Add up the taxes and fees from your bill. If taxes and fees exceed 25 – 30% of the total services on your phone bill, you are probably on an outdated services plan. For example, if your bill is $1300, which is made up of $1000 in services, and $3000 in taxes/fees, divide the taxes/fees ($300) by the services ($1000) which will show that you are paying 30% in taxes/fees, which is a bit high.

4. Does your phone bill have a section for ‘Other Services’ or something similar near the end of your bill?

Some phone companies allow 3rd parties to bill services to you on their phone bill! In many cases, these are not services you use or were aware you ordered. They may bill for ‘online web marketing’, ‘online yellow pages’, or USBI long distance charges. These often have nothing to do with your phone service.

5. International Long Distance

Are there International phone calls on your bills? If so, are these legitimate calls for your business? If not, look at ways to restrict these calls with your phone system or provider.

6. Are you paying for Wire Maintenance?

For most businesses, this is a useless feature, and only applies to residences or small businesses that do not have a phone system. Check your phone bill for these type of charges, and ask your phone company or vendor if they are necessary.

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