My Internet is too slow – I need more bandwidth – or do I?

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Slow Internet?

ComRes gets frequent service requests from customers that their Internet is down or too slow. Our technicians are then asked to call the Internet provider and get higher speeds or fix the connection if it is down.

The Problem

In some cases, the issue is with the Internet provider – the service is down, the customer does need faster speeds, or the customer needs a backup Internet connection.  However, in a surprising number of incidents, the problem is not with the Internet connection at all, and the problems have been caused by customer devices that have been infected with viruses, malware or DNS hacks.  These issues slow down devices and can flood the customer’s Internet connection, making it appear to be down or too slow.

A Solution

Mis-reported Internet issues like this delay problem resolution and cause customers to incur expensive labor charges or purchase additional bandwidth they did not need.  ComRes provides a variety of cloud-based solutions that can help protect devices from viruses, malware and DNS security threats.  These solutions are highly scalable, protect your business from security threats, and preserve your Internet for true business functions.

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