DocuSign – CONvenience or CON?

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DocuSign, e-Sign, E-Docs

Electronic document signing (commonly referred to as DocuSign, e-Sign, E-Docs and other trade names) is becoming more common. It is simple to use and much easier than printing documents, signing, scanning and emailing them. However, ComRes has noticed several issues with these types of contracts concerning telephone, Internet and VoIP carriers over the last year.

Specifically, several of these type of providers have sent e-sign documents to our customers for simple things such as budgetary quotes or to add simple features such as call forwarding. In each of these cases the e-sign documents were committing the customer to a new 3-year term for their services, regardless of what level of employee opened this document and accepted it.

Read all terms

These type of contracts are convenient and are becoming the way many transactions are handled, but ComRes recommends caution to read all contract terms related to electronic contracts, and to advise your employees to do the same.

If you have any question about an electronic contract sent to you by one of our providers, please contact your ComRes account team.

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