Microsoft Teams Integration with CloudTalk

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How can this Microsoft Teams Integration work for you?

More and more businesses are switching over to Microsoft Teams, and we can’t blame them.  In this new virtual world, people are looking for a reliable place where they can collaborate easily with chats, video conferences, and calls.  But now that the Microsoft Teams Integration capabilities have added CloudTalk to the list, we are excited to introduce even more features you can look forward to.

Already a Microsoft Teams user or looking to move to Teams?  Although many companies are moving to Teams for collaboration, they find that the Teams PBX is not robust enough to handle many of their normal or advanced communications needs.  With ComRes’ CloudTalk VoIP w/ Teams integration, you get the best of both worlds – world-class phone features/functionality integrated with the power of Microsoft Teams.

When you integrate Microsoft Teams with ComRes CloudTalk, you can immediately start enjoying these benefits:

Phone functionality and customization

  • Ring tones – When using CloudTalk phones or softphones, users have a much more traditional choice of ring tones for incoming calls and outbound calling.

  • Headset Call Control – With compatible headsets, users will have call control (ability to answer/hangup) with their headset, when using CloudTalk phones and softphones.

  • Simple Dialing – Sometimes you just want an old-fashioned dial pad. With CloudTalk you can use your normal phone dial pad, and our softphones have one that is easily accessible as well.

  • Answering rules – With CloudTalk, you can easily update your ‘answering rules’ which direct where your phone rings, or even if it can ‘simultaneous ring’ to your cell phone or other locations.

  • Call Reports – CloudTalk includes some basic reports with a history of outbound/inbound calls, or even do a quick search for calls.

  • Fax – CloudTalk offers both e-fax and fax-ATA devices.  You can easily see your faxes inside your CloudTalk user dashboard.

  • Ring Groups – CloudTalk offers a variety of ring group types that will help direct calls to departments of multiple possible answering points.

  • User Programming – You can do a simple user features setup right within the CloudTalk User Dashboard.

  • Paging – Many people still need to page external paging systems (like in many warehouses). ComRes CloudTalk allows you to easily interface with any industry-standard paging system.

Auto Attendant

  • Dial by extension – This basic feature is included in CloudTalk’s auto attendant feature.

  • Multi-level and unlimited auto attendant menus – you can create a virtually unlimited number of auto attendant menus/trees

Receptionist Phones

  • You can get a more robust physical or soft PC console that allows a receptionist to easily see who is on the phone and transfer calls.

  • DSS/BLF – CloudTalk offers the ability to easily see who is on the phone (Busy Lamp Field) and/or call/transfer with a single button (Direct Station Selection).

System Management Included!

  • ComRes is a telephone company and has been in business for over 30 years.  We are experienced in managing telecom and have become a one-stop shop to help manage DID/toll free numbers, e-fax, contact centers, and site projects.

  • Managed Services – ComRes specializes in telecommunications, cabling, surveillance and access control.  We are certified in the technologies needed to provide a robust VoIP solution.

  • Accessibility – You can easily reach ComRes by phone or email.  Our ComRes representatives answer most calls by live body during normal business hours, and can quickly route you to a ComRes technician for assistance.

  • Consulting/Strategy – ComRes offers consulting to help you plan telecom projects, define your technology strategy, and manage your telecom budgets.  We help customers plan/upgrade their Internet connections, voice/data cabling, fiber, firewalls and other related equipment to help you deploy the best quality VoIP network.

Also, when you integrate your Microsoft Team with ComRes CloudTalk, your phone service will automatically come with superior call quality and the ability to call 911 without any special codes.

 Would you like more information about CloudTalk and how it can benefit your organization?  Visit our CloudTalk page to get all your questions answered.  You can even browse phones, features, pricing, or even sign up for a FREE trial!

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