Do I need a CRM for my business/organization?

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Many organizations now have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that they use, but many more have no way to easily manage communications with clients, and many with CRM’s are unhappy with them.

ComRes recently converted to Zoho CRM for most of our business applications/processes and we couldn’t be happier!  Our sister company, Planned Growth, is a Zoho VAR and assisted with the implementation.  Besides being a top-tier CRM, Zoho helped us reduce costs and be more efficient by migrating many of our applications to a single platform:

  • Service Management – Zoho Desk and Projects replaced our ConnectWise cloud-based service management software and the expensive monthly licenses we needed.
  • Quote Tool – Zoho and PandaDoc will replace ConnectWise’s expensive quoting tool and simplify things by having the quote tool as part of our CRM.
  • Financials – Zoho Books replaced QuickBooks and is a huge upgrade for us. QuickBooks does not have a cloud-based version of our QuickBooks edition, which left us exposed to server and physical location issues. The annual support was also outrageously expensive.   Zoho Books is part of the Zoho One CRM.
  • HR – Zoho People is another free module within Zoho One, which manages our HR processes, employee handbook, vacation/holiday scheduling, etc.
  • CloudTalk integration – the integration we have been working on is finally here!  We have our CloudTalk VoIP service tightly integrated with Zoho One’s Phonebridge, so that you can do Click-to-Dial from the CRM, inbound screen pop, auto-call logging, etc.
  • Storage space – Zoho WorkDrive allowed us to get rid of some aging storage drives that we needed to replace. It is similar to OneDrive and allowed us to move a lot of our file storage and structure to the cloud, and easily access it from anywhere.
  • Email/Applications – we chose not to do this, but Zoho Mail can replace Outlook email, and Zoho also has a host of apps included in Zoho One that can replace Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

I know this sounds like an infomercial, but ‘how much would you pay for all of this?’.  Zoho One is only $35/month per user so it is much less than other CRM’s, and includes most of the above functionality above in that price (plus the cost of time/labor to implement it).

This has been one of the best things ComRes has ever done as a company.  If you are interested in seeing if Zoho or CloudTalk are right for you, please contact us today at 954-462-9600.

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