Construction activity in South Florida is booming, what does this mean to your business?

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Men on a construction site

ComRes is seeing a large amount of activity with construction and customer re-locations in South Florida.  This is good news for all of us since it seems to indicate that companies are optimistic about the future and are hiring employees.  Many of you are already aware of this and have probably seen signs of this, especially if your business is involved in construction, real estate or re-locations.

This increase can affect businesses that are planning on moving, building, or doing other work requiring trades that do construction work.  Due to the amount of work being done here, construction timelines are increasing.  Many trades are finding it difficult to find adequate personnel to meet customer requirements.  This is causing them to stop bidding on new projects and may mean delays in completing current projects.

What does this mean to you?  If you have projects requiring construction, re-locations, or requiring companies that provide construction-related services, you may experience:

*             Delays in completing projects – so build more time into these projects to allow for completion.

*             Increased costs – with fewer companies available for bidding, you may see the cost of these projects rising.  This is also due to the increased costs these companies are seeing to attract and retain personnel. 

Plan any construction, moves or trade work accordingly – allow more time to complete this type of work.  Make sure to budget accordingly and get quotes from qualified, experienced providers.

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