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1. Avoid capital equipment/upgrade costs for your phone system

Are you looking to upgrade or replace your phone system? A hosted VoIP system gives you many useful features at a fraction of the cost of installing a new phone system. In some cases, customers can re—use their existing phones.

2. Avoid downtime

Does your business always need to be up? What is the effect on your business and customers if your phone system is down?

Hosted VoIP systems are always backed up and available in the cloud, so if you have a critical site outage, you can use your phones from any location in the world with high-speed Internet.

3. Direct Numbers

Do you currently have direct numbers or need a way for customers to reach your people directly? Direct numbers can be expensive to provide to smaller to mid-sized businesses, but it is a fairly inexpensive option to have on hosted VoIP systems.

4. Remote or Mobile Workers

Do you have the need for remote workers or for users to be mobile? Many businesses today need to support remote users or mobile users that can take their phone with them and display your business number when ‘on-the-road’. This is an expensive feature to add and support for premise-based systems, but is inherently free with hosted VoIP.

Use Find Me/Follow Me and other ‘twinning’ features to make yourself more accessible to your callers!

5. Integrate with Outlook and other applications

Many businesses are looking to integrate their phone system with Outlook, and other business applications so that their users can easily ‘click-to-call’ and have screen pop on inbound calls. Hosted VoIP systems like Cloud Talk from ComRes allow you to easily and inexpensively give this functionality to your users


Is your current telephone system meeting your needs?


Are you concerned about the high capital costs of upgrading/replacing your phone system?


Learn more about CloudTalk from ComRes hosted VoIP services can help you take advantage of newer telecommunications technology with little or NO CAPITAL COSTS!

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