Managed UPS

Have you experienced business-interrupting power outages? Does your existing UPS battery backup systems give you sufficient backup times to reduce or eliminate expensive interruptions to your business? Installing a ComRes Complete managed UPS battery backup can ensure your critical systems stay up during normal power outages, your people can still work and customers still get serviced!

What is the impact to your business when your power is out? Do you lose business or incur high costs when you have a power outage? A properly maintained UPS battery backup system can keep power up to critical systems and users. Have you ever come to your office only to find out you have no power, and the UPS battery backup you installed is either down or did not notify you of the outage? . ComRes Complete Managed UPS battery backup systems will notify you and ComRes service via email and/or text of when power outages occur, even if it is after business hours, so that you can respond immediately and avoid business-affecting power outages.

UPS Battery Backups

MinuteMan 400W

Most companies use UPS battery backup systems to protect their business, reduce costs by avoiding costly systems outages and improve customer service. ComRes Complete Managed UPS battery backup services give you all of this for one low monthly price, no capital investment, and unlimited support.

Managed UPS Battery Backup Services start at as low as $45/month!