Managed Firewall

Have you experienced business-interrupting Internet downtime or Internet slowdowns that affect users? Installing a ComRes Complete managed firewall can ensure you have the best Internet uptimes, take advantage of backup Internet connections and prevent web traffic that slows down your Internet connection!

Are you sure that your users are using their access to the Internet properly, and not accessing web sites or applications that can be detrimental to your business? Unauthorized use of your internet can adversely affect business applications such as VoIP, Video and cloud-based applications. ComRes Complete Managed Firewalls help you control access to your Internet, blocking unauthorized use, bandwidth-draining applications and even providing anti-virus support.

Firewall between computer and World Wide Web

Do you feel that you are not in control over your Internet technology? Do you have high repair expenses to continually fix Internet outages or slowness? Do you have multiple pieces of equipment and software to manage for providing Internet access, web filtering, anti-virus and HIPPA compliance? ComRes Complete Managed Firewall services give you all of this for one low monthly price, no capital investment, and unlimited support.

Managed Firewall Services start at as low as $135/month!