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You can become more efficient and grow your South Florida business by deploying telephone system technology from Mitel.  ComRes can help you find the right system applications you need for your business.

ComRes offers a variety of Mitel systems and applications such as:

  • Mitel MiVoice Business (3300)
  • Mitel MiVoice Office (5000)
  • Mitel Contact Center

ComRes is the technology leader in Mitel telephone systems in South Florida! Call us today for a NO COST survey of your business! ComRes will customize a Mitel telephone system that fits your needs and makes you more efficient!

Mitel Communications Systems

A Global Leader in Real-Time Enterprise Communications

Mitel Communications Systems today is helping businesses develop and launch next-generation IP telephony applications. Our portfolio includes voice communications systems, desktop peripherals, LAN and WAN networking solutions, a suite of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products and IP telephony applications. Our products serve customers in finance, education, health care, manufacturing, lodging and other industries.

When you invest in a communications system for the new facility, you want a system that meets all of your most demanding voice and data requirements – one that uses the most advanced technology and high-performance features to solve your organizations information management challenges. You want a system that that is easy to use and manage. You want a system that will continue to work well into the 21st Century. And while that system should accomplish each of these objectives, it should do so in a cost-effective manner, which doesn’t require an unreasonable initial outlay or ongoing investments in time and money.

The Mitel SX 200 family of products is a dispersed, yet completely integrated communications network that effectively and efficiently serves the needs of internal and external customers alike. Unlike solutions from other vendors, Mitel’s voice networking solutions are based on an open, distributed architecture, truly supporting the new model of converged data and voice communications. In fact, Mitel guarantees up to 85% migration of hardware and software to Voice over IP through the next 5 years. As well as, Mitel’s solutions don’t require forklift upgrades for growth and expansion.

The development of the Mitel product addresses these key decision points:

  • Voice/data convergence
  • Scaleable solutions
  • LAN/WAN modularity
  • Investment protection
  • Migration plans

brief overview of key features and functions:

Network Performance/Productivity

  • Network access
  • Reliability
  • Access to high volume public network services
  • Intelligent route optimization to maximize trunk/line availability and performance

Customer Service

  • Easy caller access
  • Quick call handling
  • Reliability
  • ACD applications
  • Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) applications
  • Transparent cross-network access and call processing
  • Truly portable network-wide directory numbering scheme
  • Network-wide attendant features such as centralized attendants
  • Centralized voice mail and IVR
  • Alternate routing schemes/virtual redundancy

Cost Control/Reduction

  • Long distance costs
  • Network control costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • LAN access for network management tools- specialized modems are no longer required
  • Reduced administrative and maintenance burden

System Distribution

  • Peripheral nodes distributed between floors
  • Analog stations up to 5000 feet
  • Lightning and surge protection throughout

More detailed information is addressed within our proposal, which will explain why the Mitel family of products is the best solution for you.

ComRes, Inc. and Mitel have partnered to bring you an extended 5-year warranty that covers the Core Mitel components. Additionally, ComRes, Inc. will provide a 1-year labor warranty. For additional information please contact SALES at ComRes.

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