IPitomy IP1200

The IPitomy IP1200 is a powerful business communications platform. It is a pure IP PBX designed to expand the capabilities of any business. IPitomy extends the power of Internet Telephony to businesses with up to 150 users. The IP1200 converges the present with the future in business telecommunications. The IP1200 will grow with your business and assure a smooth transition into the future. With features designed for today’s complex business environment and flexible capabilities for all of your future needs, IPitomy is the smart choice for business telecommunications.

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The Perfect Office Solution

IP1200 handles all of your communications requirements in the office. The IP1200 is an all-in one business solution. This not only saves money on the initial capital investment, but simplifies system administration and saves money on recurring maintenance expenses. In addition to being an efficient communication system for a single office, the IP1200 can be connected with a network of IP1200 branch office locations creating one seamless system.

Quality and Security with Every Call

At IPitomy, quality voice connections are not just an afterthought. IPitomy’s high performance telephone system is capable of providing quality of service technology as well as inclusion of state of the art jitter and echo cancellation not found on more expensive systems. The result is high quality voice transmission on every call.

Vast Improvement in Performance and Efficiency

IPitomy systems are designed to support IP telephones that work on a LAN or a WAN. Employees do not have to be in the office to make and receive calls. If an employee must stay at home due to unavoidable circumstances or work remotely, they can still be connected by using a remote telephone. Calls can be sent and received just as though they were in the office; even with the caller ID of the office! IPitomy’s unique mobility feature allows users to forward their calls to any extension or number. Call forwarding can be enabled, disabled and rerouted by using the touch tone keypad on any telephone including mobile phones.

The IPitomy IP1200 has an integrated conference bridge. The conference bridge allows callers to call directly into a password protected conference call hosted by a system user. The conference bridge allows large conference calls with up to 32 callers at once. The callers can use IP phones, analog phones, soft phones and any mixture of IP calls and regular phone lines. In addition to the IPitomy conference bridge, IPitomy phones can create multi-party conference calls just like traditional business telephones.

All-In-One Architecture

· Full Featured PBX System

· Voice Messaging

· Unified Messaging

· Music on Hold

· Remote Administration

· Mobility Features

· Conference Bridge

· Message on Hold

· Remote Extensions

· Branch Office Networking

· Desktop Call Manager


Ipitomy Phone

The IP1200 has advanced messaging capabilities

IPitomy’s voice messaging goes beyond traditional voice mail. Our full featured voice messaging system includes advanced messaging capabilities associated with much more expensive systems. The voice mail messages can be sent as a voice file attachment to users email accounts and/or SMS notification to your mobile phone with Unified Messaging. IPitomy’s message storage capability exceeds 1000 hours and since the system has our unique all-in-one architecture, voice mail is always accessible and never blocked as with traditional phone systems. The advanced Unified Messaging capabilities streamline communication with customers, employees and vendors when you’re in the office or traveling.

IPitomy IP Telephones

The IPitomy IP550 Sip based telephone is designed for busy business environments. The IP550 is the workhorse phone for any business with a wide range of telecommunications requirements. Equally at home on the desk of a corporate executive or on a conference table, the IP550 fits just about any business situation. The IP550 is an advanced open standards business telephone. With features that are based on the technology of the future, the IP550 also includes most of the familiar functions available on traditional business telephone systems too.

Ipitomy Call Manager