ComRes is the premier service provider for all of your Avaya IP Office telephone system needs in South Florida. The Avaya IP Office implemented by ComRes can help you be more efficient, handle more phone calls, increase accessibility to key personnel and allow you to work from anywhere.

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Software packages

Avaya offers multiple software packages to fit the needs of your organization:

Basic Edition

If you have a small business that needs big business features, or want to re-use older Avaya Partner or Norstar phones. The Basic Edition software gives you an excellent way to modernize your communications while keeping costs low.

Essential Edition

If you have a larger business and need the ability to easily answer calls at your desk or cell phone (twinning), or have sophisticated communications requirements. Essential Edition gives you a cost-effective entry point.

Preferred Edition

Does your business have advanced applications like the need to have remote workers  answering calls on a desk/cell phone with seamless handoff back/forth? The powerful Preferred Edition software provides you with a rich set of phone and unified messaging features to help manage your business while working anywhere in the world.

Advanced Edition

If your business has a contact center that needs to handle calls efficiently, provide announcements to callers in queue and reporting that will help you manage customer service, then the Advanced Edition is designed to grow with you.

Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for unified communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, and customer service. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Avaya’s people-centric solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. This eliminates inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.

ComRes also offers, through Avaya, an open software platform for quickly developing multi-vendor Unified Communications and Communications Enabled Business Process (CEBP) applications.

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