Worried about HIM?  It’s time to prepare. 

 In Hurricane Preparedness

Seems like we just got past HIM (Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria), and here we are with hurricane season at our doorstep.  It is not too late to start preparing.  If you have not moved your phones to the cloud, or have concerns about your organization’s readiness for business continuity or disaster readiness, ComRes has a variety of solutions that can help give you piece of mind.

Hosted VoIP – ComRes CloudTalk can move your critical business communications to the cloud, allowing you to operate from anywhere in the world with Internet and power.

Backup phone service and voice mail – ComRes CloudTalk can also provide you with a limited number of cloud phones or voice mail for emergencies.

Disaster Planning – now is a good time to dust off your disaster preparedness procedures.  Check them to see if any changes need to be made, go over them with key personnel and purchase supplies if necessary.

Communications – are you able to communicate with your key staff, customers and vendors if your office is down?  There are simple things you can do to make sure you can communicate effectively before, during and after a disaster.

Systems – do you know how to shut down critical systems prior to a hurricane and restore them afterwards

UPS battery backup – do you have a shutdown procedure in place?  Have you done maintenance on your UPS batteries to find out if the batteries need to be replaced?

ComRes can help. Give your representative a call today to discuss the upcoming Hurricane season.

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