Why can’t people ‘text’ my main phone number?

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How text enabled business phones are bridging the gap.

For years, business phone systems and cell phones have been completely separate.  Business phone systems or hosted VoIP users wonder why these systems/services don’t work more like their cell phones for mobility, texting, and address-book calling.  Cell phone users wonder why their cell phones don’t act more like their phone systems to give them features like auto attendant and the ability to see other phones in their office/transfer calls.

ComRes’ CloudTalk VoIP service now gives customers the ability to bridge part of this gap with text enabled business phones.

Many clients/customers prefer using their cell phones as a way of communicating, and prefer texting over email or other forms of interaction.  However, until recently, cell phone users could not send a text to your business phone numbers.   This alienates a growing segment of predominantly younger consumers who want to be able to text people they do business with.

Now, with ComRes CloudTalk’s SMS bot, you can receive texts to your business phone numbers and respond to inquiries either manually or with auto-responders.  This allows companies to include the ability for clients to text them on their business phone numbers in marketing on their web sites, social media and other forms of advertising.

Is this something you can use for your business?  This is a highly customizable application that can keep you in contact with even more prospects/customers.  Try ours out today.

Simply text us at our main number 954-462-9600 and see what happens.  Go ahead and play with it and let us know what you think.  If you would like to see how this could help your business, give us a call, email us, or send us a text to 954-462-9600!

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