Requesting Support

IT Support

There Are A Variety Of Ways You Can Request Support


 954-462-9600 (877-379-9600).

If it is after hours:

–  Standard Request – Press 0 to leave a voice mail in our genera delivery mailbox.

– Urgent– Press 9 to leave an emergency callback request. An on-call technician should call you within 30 minutes.


– In the Subject Line, please include your company name, and a brief description of the request (e.g. ABC Company, new user)

– We appreciate and encourage emailed requests so that we have a description of what you want done. However, if your request is urgent, or if you do not get a response back from us quickly, please follow it up with a call to make sure we received it.

– Billing – if you have a billing/invoicing question, you can also email us at

What to Expect

What To Expect

ComRes strives to be the best technology service provider in South Florida.  We do this in a variety of ways.

Our response times can vary based on work load, but typically are as follows for Minor service requests:

– Managed Services Customers – same day, next business day

– Block of Hours Customers – 1-2 business days

– Time and Materials Customers – 1-2 weeks


For Major service requests (major outages), response times are 4 hours for Managed Services or Blocks of Hours customers.

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