How can you get the most out of technology in 2019?

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A new year is upon us.  How are you preparing your organization for the new year?  Are you expecting a continued strong economy or an economic downturn?  The one thing most of us are facing right now is a job market that makes finding and retaining employees difficult.  This will not improve soon, so the most successful companies are looking for ways to attract key talent, retain employees, and operate more efficiently.


Upgrading and installing the right technology can help.


Employee Retention– In a hot job market, employees have a choice of where they work.  Employees want to work for ‘cutting edge’ employers.  They want technology that helps save them time and makes them more efficient.  ComRes implemented a cloud-based service ticket management solution several years ago.  It allows our technicians to easily GPS-navigate to their next service call, electronically update service tickets, get customers’ electronic signatures on service tickets, and have 24/7 access to the service even if our office is down.


Attracting new employees– Like employee retention, companies are having to work harder to attract new employees.  Prospective employees want to be using the latest technology.  When they interview with you, they are looking to see that you use current technology, and that by working at your company they will be improving their resume rather than taking a step backwards.


Customer retention– Utilizing technology can help you retain and attract new customers.  Customers want the best service at the best price.  If you make it easy for them to contact you, service them quickly and accurately, and do it at a competitive price, you stand a better chance of attracting new customers and keeping existing ones.


Cost Reductions– New technology can help you save money by reducing costs and making you more efficient.

Upgrading to a new cloud-based VoIP service or IP phone system can still save a lot of companies money.  Newer VoIP service and phone systems have many features that organizations want such as integration to Salesforce, automatic call routing based on Caller ID, and click-to-call.  Contact your ComRes representative today to find out how you can use technology in 2019!

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