ComRes passes 10,000 – how do you monitor your business?

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There are many ways we all monitor the health and success of our businesses.  Since ComRes is a service company, one thing we track is the number of ‘tickets’ we close with our ConnectWise service management system.  We started using it in October, 2013 and last month we just completed our 10,000th ticket (thanks for sending all those service orders in)!

What metrics do you use to tell if your business is on track?

ComRes uses and offers several technologies that can help you manage and grow your business:

  • CRM’s – for tracking sales activity and growing your business
  • Telephone reports – call accounting, call recording and Contact Center software that report on your phone usage and help you manage service/costs.
  • Web Reporting – Planned Growth provides an entire suite of digital marketing services that help your business grow.  Monthly reports give us analytics on how people visit our web site, engage us in social media, and how they are finding us.

Successful businesses today deploy an array of technologies to give them realtime or historical information on the health and success of their business.  ComRes can assist in providing you some of these technologies.

Contact ComRes at 954-462-9600 to find out more about how we can help you pass 10,000!

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