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Why does ComRes so proudly promote our structured Voice and Data Cabling solutions?

Because it doesn’t matter how sophisticated or state-of-the-art your computer equipment is, without good voice and data cable connections between your devices, they may as well be paperweights.

Network cable can be the simplest and cheapest piece of equipment in your network, but it is also arguably the most important. Voice and data cabling is the connection between devices such as everyone’s PCs, phones, printers, etc., and the online world that allows them to be used for your business. And while it may seem like a massive project (what with all the drilling, cable cutting, jack attaching, etc.), there is more to it than just running cables…and it is vitally important to your success.

As we say, it’s what’s behind your walls that makes the technology in front of them work. Cabling needs to be done correctly from the start, or issues will arise. ComRes has been providing telecommunications products and services to Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade since 1988. We pride ourselves on helping businesses establish an infrastructure free from interference, and have a few tips to help ensure you receive proper voice and data cabling, regardless of which company you work with (although we do hope you call us)…

The Key is Planning

Business owners sometimes ignore the impact improper cabling can have on a network. The technology is evolving constantly from Cat5e to Cat6, Cat6a, Plenum, PVC cabling and so forth, and cabling needs to be done correctly from the get-go or issues will arise. Most of the time, when there are connectivity issues, it’s not the network so much as the cable and infrastructure.

When cabling is not done correctly, interference is the result. It might even work, but not the way it’s supposed to (at the speed you require, for example), and planning ahead helps avoid most of the worst-case scenarios.

To help find the cable that’s right for you, ask yourself what your needs will be in five years, rather than right now. Choose to cable for growth and maximize the lifespan of your network cables today, rather than find yourself having to “re-cable” your business in just a few years.

Cutting Corners Costs More

There are two distinct scenarios customers often bring to ComRes: Either someone wanted to build an inexpensive infrastructure, so they bought a box of cabling and now have no idea what to do with it, or the builder or general contractor asked an electrician to run the cable because it was cheaper, and none of the industry standards or client requirements were followed. Neither prospect represents long-term cabling solutions.

A good cabling solution follows standards and requirements and ensures things like the proper network equipment (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.) are supported and have the right capabilities.

Find yourself in a spot where the previous company did not follow your requirements and the cabling has to be replaced? You wouldn’t be the first to call ComRes. Just know there are no judgments. We’ve been serving South Florida for more than 30 years, and we get it.

Infrastructure Testing is Important

Be sure to have your voice and data cabling inspected regularly. If you are moving, be sure to have your cabling solutions reviewed and tested by a professional. You will want to make sure your installers are certified and able to install end-to-end solutions that can be documented.

Tests can be run every 8-10 years, although if there are network issues or renovations, we recommend you test more frequently. Many installers only connect cable, as testing can require a large investment in equipment and training, and most general electricians aren’t able to provide that. ComRes is asked to come in to correct jobs wherein the cables weren’t tested all the time. Don’t lose any more business waiting to bring in a professional!Have any questions or cabling needs? Whether you require project management for new construction or testing and inspections for your existing network, contact ComRes at 954-462-9600, or tell us what you need here and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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