Are my employees, business and guests safe?

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Recent events have raised the level of concern with many of our customers on how safe their businesses are and how they can better prepare for a major security threat to their premises. What would happen at your office today in the event of workplace violence? Do you have an emergency plan? Is your staff trained on how to respond to get to a safe place? Is your staff trained in first aid and know where to find supplies? How do you secure your premises?

Many organizations are reviewing their technology in order to deploy better security, access control and surveillance, as well as training staff on how to deal with emergency situations (to be safe and to render aid if necessary). It is never too late to start planning on having the right technology, procedures and training in place to help staff feel prepared and give them piece of mind.

Current technologies allow us to monitor for visual threats, restrict access to vulnerable areas, and even monitor visitors for potential risks. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on technology to be prepared – there are simple, cost-effective things you can do to increase security and train personnel for emergencies. Hopefully, you will never have a need these precautions, but there are some simple things you can do to at least be more prepared:

  • Get first aid or emergency training for your staff. Update your first aid/trauma kit
  • Have an emergency plan and train staff on it
  • Tighten access with access control card readers and security cameras. Without investing a lot in technology, you can improve security by simply locking doors that have supplies, inventory or equipment that only certain personnel should have access to.
  • Have a visitor policy – have guest sign in, ask for ID, make sure they are escorted
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