Fevers, flus and masks

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So you managed to get through the last 2 months and you are still in business.  Congratulations!  Now how do you get your office back open?  Do you start a Covid 19 Office Safety Plan? How do you get people to come back to the office to work?  Or do they stay at home?  This is the new normal we all face.  In March, ComRes sent 10 of our 12 office workers home for almost 2 months (we are in the business of providing technology that help people move to the cloud and work remotely, so we were pretty geared up for this!).  However, we faced the same challenges many companies do – people got tire of working from home and wanted social interaction.  But if we bring people back to the office, how do we keep everybody safe, and make employees feel comfortable?  We also have job-site workers whose job it is to work at customer sites, and technicians that must occasionally go on-site to customers as well.

Until there is a vaccine that works, we can’t guarantee anybody that it is 100% safe to return to the office, but we can take steps to reduce risk and behave responsibly.  We have gotten a lot of good advice from the CDC and other organizations to help us form our own Covid 19 Office Safety Plan.  In our office, we are limiting how many people can be in at a time, no more than 1 person per office, must wear face masks in all common areas unless you are in your personal space, hand sanitizers are everywhere, must sanitize our hands/wash them before touch any common-area surface or touching our faces, must practice social distancing.  Additionally we have ordered non-touch thermometers to test for fevers of anybody in the office or on job-sites twice daily.

One newer technology we have ordered is the Face Detection and Digital Detection Module we now carry from Alibi Security.  This system sits at your door and scans people’s wrists for fever. It has a camera that scans people’s faces to make sure if they are wearing a face mask.  If the person has a fever or is not wearing a face mask, it will set off an alarm.  If it is tied into an Alibi access control system, it can refuse to unlock the door.  Alibi also makes a hallway model for Mass Flow areas.

If you are interested in technology like this, please contact your ComRes Representative at 954-462-9600.

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