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Professional Network Cabling Services for Seamless Connectivity

Behind every successful technology setup is expert network cabling. At ComRes, we specialize in installing high-quality voice and data cabling that keeps your business connected. Trust our expertise to help you choose the right cabling, install it efficiently, and manage it effectively. Serving all of South Florida, including, Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties.


At ComRes we use U.S. manufactured cable and parts whenever possible so you can reap the benefits. 99% of all work performed in South Florida is done by ComRes employees, not subcontractors. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your project is in good hands.


ComRes technicians are certified on Hubbell copper/fiber products, Sumitomo air-blown fiber and many other cabling products. Because we invest heavily on training for our staff we ensure that your cabling gets installed properly and works the way you want it to for years to come.

Project Management

ComRes uses cloud-based ConnectWise service management to monitor installations and service delivery.

Floor Plans

First, it starts with the floor plans – ComRes takes to time to go over your floor plans with you and determine what type of voice and data cabling you need, and where you need it. Most importantly, because we plan this correctly upfront, you save money later on by avoiding expensive change orders and upgrades.

Cable Management

Picking the right rack/cabinet, vertical/horizontal cable management, cable labeling system, and data switch/patch panel/patch cord layout are all part of a professional cable installation. Helping our customers plan for the future helps you save money later.

More Information

Contact ComRes today and speak with one of our experts in voice and data cabling. Review your options, ask questions and learn more – click here to get started.

Why Choose ComRes for Network Cabling Services?


Count on us for dependable network solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

Custom Floor Plans

Ensure optimal layout and organization, tailored to the specific needs and infrastructure of your facility.

Cable Management

Keep your network organized and efficient with our professional cable management solutions.


Benefit from our deep knowledge and experience in network cabling, ensuring the best solutions for your needs.

Project Management

We handle every aspect of your project, from initial planning to final installation, ensuring a seamless process.

Comprehensive Network Cabling Services

Voice & Data Network Cabling

Ensure clear communication and fast data transfer with our expert cabling services.

Structured Cabling

Create a robust and flexible infrastructure for all your networking needs.

Office Network Cabling

Tailored solutions to fit the unique requirements of your office environment.

Computer Network Cabling

Set up reliable and efficient computer networks with our specialized cabling.

VoIP Cabling

Enhance your communication systems with high-quality VoIP cabling.

Business Ethernet Cabling

Experience fast and reliable internet with our business Ethernet cabling solutions.

Category 5e/6/6a Cabling

Choose from Category 5e for standard needs or Category 6 for higher performance.

Fiber Installation

Get high-speed data transmission with our multi-mode and single-mode fiber installations.

LAN Cabling/Wiring

Optimize your local area network with our professional LAN cabling services.

CATV (Co-Axial TV) Cabling

Implement or replace your TV/media cabling with our RG6 and RG59 options, available in Plenum or PVC.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Security) Cabling

Install or upgrade your surveillance systems with our specialized security cabling solutions.

Wireless Solutions

Expand and enhance your wireless network for better coverage and performance.


Ensure your existing cabling is properly toned, tested, and labeled for optimal performance.

ComRes Offers Network Cabling to South Florida

ComRes provides top-notch network cabling services across the country. No matter where your business is located, our team is ready to deliver reliable, high-quality cabling solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your business connected.

Ready to upgrade your network cabling? Contact ComRes now for a consultation and discover how our expert services can enhance your business connectivity.

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Reliable Network Cabling Services

CATV (Co-Axial or TV)  Cable

If your business is in need of implementing or replacing its TV/media cabling, then ComRes can supply a variety of RG6 and RG59 cabling, with either Plenum (low smoke) or PVC cabling.

Fiber Products

For larger installations or long distances, you may find the need for multimode or single mode fiber to accommodate your data needs. Since we carry a full line of fiber products we can ensure that you will find the best fiber solution.

CCTV Cable
(Closed Circuit or Security)

When you are ready to install your new surveillance system or simply add a few cameras, call ComRes for a quote on what cabling you will need, and what type will work best.



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