Devices that use the cloud

ComRes enhances CloudTalk VoIP offering

ComRes announces several enhancements to its CloudTalk VoIP service and 1st quarter promos. Enhancements: ComRes has launched new features for its CloudTalk VoIP service including: Android Smartphone App – to complement our existing iPhone smartphone app, ComRes now offers one that is compatible with Android devices.  This app allows your Android device to operate as a VoIP […]

Natural Clouds

Do you have your head in the clouds?

Dreamers are often accused of ‘having their head in the clouds’. Today, most businesses are quickly moving towards cloud applications for critical business software, so I guess we all have our head in the clouds in some manner of speaking! If you have a Gmail account, iCloud or Amazon Drive, Facebook account, etc, you are […]

2018 Snow Banner

2018 – Boom or Bust?

Are you ready for 2018?  As you prepare for this year, how was 2017 for you?  Did you meet or exceed your business objectives?  Did you miss key objectives or opportunities?  Many of us experienced high-growth in 2017, which required increasing payroll, adding office space, upgrading/replacing equipment, etc. So how do you view 2018?  The […]

Moving to the Cloud

I can’t say it enough times – it is time to move to the cloud.  After Hurricane Irma, customers who had already moved applications to the cloud were able to operate longer than other customers, and required less help making preparations.

UPS Battery Backups

One thing we learn from hurricanes and other events that cause power outages is to look at our UPS systems (not our shipping service, but battery backup systems!).  Here are some things you should consider in purchasing a new UPS battery backup system and caring for your current systems.

So you got past Hurricane Irma unscathed

If you were one of us in Florida that went through Hurricane Irma, we hope that you and your families are safe. Ironically, I wrote in July about being prepared for hurricanes and other disasters, so I felt the need to recap some things I recommended, and how ComRes fared.

Death of the phone line?

The reliable old POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Service).  Is it on life support and about to breathe its last?  Traditional phone carriers are losing thousands of customers per year nationwide and some are seeking to get out of the business or sell it off.  How many of you still have a landline at home?

Looking past Page 1 on your phone bill

I write about this constantly and have been neglectful about this myself – look at your phone bill. The whole bill. You would be surprised at some things you are being charged for.  And you may have a tough time finding your bill – many phone carriers are no longer sending bills – they simply […]

Image - Mitel 6873 Touch Screen Executive Phone

Can you see who your talking to?

I thought desk phones were supposed to go away and be replaced by cell phones and PC applications?  Apparently not since phone manufacturers keep coming out with new and more sophisticated desk phones. One new model we like is the Mitel Aastra 6873i which works on our ComRes CloudTalk VoIP service.  This phone is easy […]