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ComRes adds Data Services to its offerings

ComRes is excited to announce its addition of high-end data services to its wide range of communications offerings. ComRes is no stranger to data communications – we have been providing varying degrees of support for our customers in the entire 20 years we have been in business.


On October 1, 2008, ComRes officially expanded its services offerings to include LAN installation/support/design, server installation and management, PC desktop sales/support, Network Security, data recovery/backup and many other services. Though new to this sector of our industry, through acquisitions ComRes was able to start this division with over 600 customers and 3 certified technical personnel to complement our current customer base and technical abilities.


LAN Installation, Support and Design

Your computer network infrastructure is as important to your organization as the foundation for your building. Businesses now face two competing pressures on IT infrastructure – They must continually invest in new technology to maintain competitiveness and efficiency, and they must reduce costs by eliminating or reducing staff/services that are no longer affordable in this economy. ComRes’ outsourced data services can help with both. We can help design, re-design and deploy IT technologies to help you meet your objectives. Additionally, ComRes offers a variety of competitively priced service options that can help you allocate shrinking staff budget dollars to where they are most critically needed.

We offer a full range of solutions from Dell, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Trapeze, and many others.


PC Desktop Support

Whether you need to add PC’s to your environment, or simply manage the ones you have, ComRes can be your one-stop IT Help Desk Support solution. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide on where we can help or what products/services you need to be successful.


Multi-Site Networks


Many organizations now have multi-site network needs or are taking advantage of remote Teleworker technology to help reduce real estate costs and retain key employees. ComRes now offers not only the remote IP telephony to help you speak between locations, but can also help design, implement and maintain a fully secure multi-site data network. Let our professionals assist you in analyzing your current network to identify areas for improvements, or design one that can help you operate your business more efficiently.


Data Backup/Recovery

Being based in Florida, ComRes is well-versed in the importance of backing up critical data and recovering from data losses. We offer a variety of solutions that can help you backup critical data, stay operation during a strategic business outage, or recover from data loss from simple crashes or natural disasters.


Who is ComRes?



ComRes has been in business for over 20 years, helping customers manage their telecommunications and reduce costs. Based in Fort Lauderdale, ComRes is a leading provider of commercial telephone systems, carrier services, project management, low voltage voice/data cabling, and now data services in South Florida.

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