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  • Auto Attendant

    Allows a caller to select from menu options using a standard telephone keypad. Through the portal interface, calls can be routed to extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, call queues, or unlimited depths of additional auto attendants.
  • Sub-Level Auto Attendants

    Sub-Level Auto Attendants are often used for different departments
    within an organization. For instance, you may have a main Auto
    Attendant for the company, and then a sub-level Auto Attendant for Sales, Support, etc.
  • Variable Extension Dialing

    Our Hosted PBX can support 2, 3, 4 or more digit extension dialing
  • Caller ID

    Customize the appearance of your outgoing Caller ID by outgoing number or by extension
  • Voicemail

    Voice Mailbox
  • Voicemail to Email

    Forward a copy of your voice mails to your email address
  • Call Hold

    Hold Feature
  • Call Forwarding

    Forward calls via the ComRes Portal, or via your device or Softphone. Calls may be forwarded to any extension or phone number. Device or Softphone forwarding functionality may vary by manufacturer.
  • No Answer Call Forwarding

    Automatically forwards your calls to an extension, group, or phone number when you do not answer your phone
  • Busy Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding your phone when busy
  • One Button Redial

    A device or Softphone feature that redials the last number dialed by the extension user. Not all phones support this feature.
  • Do-not-disturb (DND)

    A device or Softphone feature that simulates a phone being off-hook, sending calls received directly into voicemail. Other routing options are also available.
  • Call Waiting Indicator

    Indicates incoming call (and caller ID, if available) while another call is in process.
  • Speed Dial

    A device or Softphone feature that automates the dialing of a predetermined phone number
  • Company Wide Directory

    A list of contacts and phone numbers that are uploaded via the User Portal, and are made available on an IP phone or Softphone
  • 3-way Conference Call

    After making or receiving a call, a user may conference in any third party for a 3-way call
  • Music On Hold

    Royalty free music provided
  • E911 support

    Every location and phone number where you utilize a device or Softphone must have an associated E911 charge and entry in the Web Portal. The phone number associated with your location is then registered with the national E911 database. The customer is responsible to update this information with ComRes if you move any device to a new location per the ComRes Terms of Service.
  • 24X7 Support available

    Ability to place/receive support requests 24X7
  • U.S. based Support Desk

    All support calls handled promptly and professionally by US-based ComRes personnel
  • Incoming Caller ID Routing

    Route calls from a unique DID or phone number to any auto attendant, extension, group, phone number, or ACD or Call Queue.
  • Incoming Call Blocking

    “Black list” phone numbers to block them from calling your CloudTalk phone system. Incoming Privacy
  • Incoming Privacy Screening

    Force callers with “no caller ID” or “blocked caller ID” to enter a number that will be presented as their caller ID.
  • Unlimited domestic calling

    See ComRes Terms of Use – some restrictions apply
  • Toll Restriction

    Prevent calls to specific numbers or services (ex: 900 calls)
  • User Portal

    Ability for user to login to make changes to their extension/features
  • Find Me/Follow Me

    Setup a personal assistant to “find you” at up to five (5) locations. This feature is configured per extension, and offers an extensive number of options to route calls once they have reached the given extension. Callers are asked to “announce themselves”, and are offered the option between locations to try the next location, or to leave a message.
  • Incoming Call Identification

    Identify an incoming call on the phone’s LCD display by modifying the Caller ID display indicating how the call was routed
  • Time-of-day Call Routing

    Allows routing decisions based on time and date. Multiple schedules can be configured, as in the case of departments with different hours of operation. (e.g. business hours, after hours & holiday hours)
  • Caller ID Blocking

    Disable Caller-id for all outbound calls made from your CloudTalk phone system
  • Custom Music On Hold

    Music provided by Customer, and uploaded through the Customer Portal. Multiple music-on-hold messages can be used based on extension location
  • Call Detail Records

    Real-time call logging is available via the portal. From, to, call duration, date and time, and call type (International, On-Net, etc.) In addition, frequently called numbers can ‘tagged’ with text descriptions for legibility.
  • Account Tracking

    Track orders, invoices and all billing online
  • Call traffic by extension

    Track number of calls by individual
  • Ring Groups

    Enables multiple extensions to be joined as a group, and then calls may be routed sequentially or simultaneously to that group.
  • Conference Bridges

    Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in password-protected conference calls. Callers can be assigned talk-listen or listen only access. Per-minute, per-partipant usage charges apply
  • Voicemail to Text Message

    Use the CloudTalk phone system to send a text message to your mobile device to alert you of voice mail messages. 3rd party text messaging rates may apply.
  • DID Number

    Offer your customers to reach you directly and bypass receptionists and auto attendant menus
  • User Dashboard

    Web based presence and call control application that allows users to drag and drop calls to/ from other extensions, parking lots, conference bridges and out of call center queues. There is also access to voicemail, contacts lists for click to-dial and chat functions.
  • integration

    “Integrate your phone with Requirements: User Dashboard, each company user must also have this feature, Enterprise. Some of the capabilities may include (but not limited to):
    • Call Control & Status
    • Presence & Click-to-dial
    • Provisioning & billing requests
    • CRM, Accounting System Integration.”
  • Outlook integration

    “Integrate your phone with Outlook. Requirements: User Dashboard, each company user must also have this feature, Microsoft Outlook. Some of the capabilities may include (but not limited to):
    • Presence & Click-to-dial
    • Inbound Screen Pop”
  • Browser Plug-in

    “Installable plug-in (or add-ins) that provide users with click-to-dial, from within their supported browser(Chrome today). Requirements: User Dashboard, each company user must also have this feature, Google Chrome. Some of the capabilities may include (but not limited to):
    • Click-to-dial
    • Inbound Screen Pop”
  • URL Agent

    “Application within the portal that allows inbound calls to a user’s extension to manually or automatically open a window to a 3rd party web application (i.e. “”screen pop””). Requirements: User Dashboard, each company user must also have this feature. Some of the capabilities may include (but not limited to):
    • Inbound Screen Pop”
  • On-Site Managed Voice Services

    Unlimited M-F/9X5 Remote/On-Site phone labor – Programming/Repair/Training (Subject to ComRes support areas)
  • CloudTalk Client

    CloudTalk Communications Client provides an easy to use interface for managing voice calls, video calls, and chat sessions from a single window. Dial pad included. Includes a 2nd extension. Requirements – Primary Bundled/Metered VoIP extension, User Dashboard
  • Cloud Extension

    Allows you to have an extension off of your main menu for informational purposes (e.g. directions, business hours, etc.)
  • Hosted Fax Extension

    Hosted Fax allow you to publish a web fax number and receive faxes via the web. Per page charges apply
  • Toll Free Number

    Offer your customers the ability to call you toll free. Utilize one or multiple Toll Free numbers, which may be routed to a specific local, DID, auto attendant or group
  • Toll Free Minutes

    You can purchase toll free minutes as needed or in buckets of minutes
  • * Custom Plans available!
  • * SIP Trunk Packages available!
  • * All Rate Plans require a minimum of 3 users
  • CloudTalk Rate Plans
  • MTM (Month-to-Month)
  • 1-Year Term
  • 2-Year Term
  • 3-Year Term
Voice Mailbox


Starting at:

  • 300 min/user
  • $2.99
  • $2.99
  • $2.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $4.50
  • $7.99
  • $4.99
  • $11.45
  • $2.99
  • $0.059
  • CloudTalk Entry
  • $28.99
  • $24.99
  • $21.99
  • $19.99


Starting at:

  • $2.99
  • $2.99
  • $2.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $4.50
  • $7.99
  • $4.99
  • $11.45
  • $2.99
  • $0.059
  • CloudTalk Standard
  • $35.99
  • $30.99
  • $27.99
  • $24.99


Starting at:

  • $2.99
  • $2.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $5.99
  • $4.50
  • $7.99
  • $4.99
  • $11.45
  • $2.99
  • $0.059
  • CloudTalk Pro
  • $42.99
  • $37.99
  • $32.99
  • $29.99


Starting at:

  • 1 per account
  • $4.99
  • 1 per account
  • $4.99
  • $0.059
  • CloudTalk Enterprise
  • $49.99
  • $43.99
  • $38.99
  • $34.99

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