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If you are like most businesses, you are getting a lot more sophisticated, mobile users who demand connectivity via mobile devices. The days that you could dictate who and what devices connect to your LAN are gone, and most businesses are faced with how to quickly deploy reliable high-bandwidth wireless networks to their users while maintaining a high level of security.

ComRes provides a variety of wireless LAN solutions from Ruckus Wireless to help you provide wireless connectivity and manage your business more efficiently. You can choose from systems that support 4-10 users up to large enterprise-class systems supporting thousands of users. There are 3 components to a successful wireless LAN:

Gateways – this is the server that manages all of your wireless access points. It is important to plan carefully to choose the right gateway to support the number of users you will have now and in the future, and what applications you need.

Access Points – These are the wireless connection points that you will deploy to serve mobile users and devices. You can implement systems that only serve special areas of need, or create a wireless ‘bubble’ to server an entire office or building. You must choose the right access point to deliver the right standard (e.g. dual band vs. single band, wireless N, etc.). You may also need exterior or weather-proof access points in certain areas.

Applications – Your business may require special applications to manage your wireless LAN or user. Some examples of this are applications that track connected mobile devices by location, provide secured vs. non-secured access depending on login credentials, and monitoring.

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