Cetis Hospitality Phones

Industry Leading Quality

With over 20 years of experience and nearly 10 million phones in service in over 125 countries, it’s a safe bet there’s someone talking on a Cetis brand of phone right now. Cetis branded analog hotel phones are simply the industry standard, worldwide!

Teledex Telematrix Scitec

Cetis brands are recognized by the hospitality industry and its customers as a sign of quality and reliability.

Hotels nationwide are utilizing Cetis brands of phones for:

  • New hotel projects requiring room phones
  • Replacement of broken or older phones
  • Major hotel renovations to give rooms a ‘fresh look’

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Who is ComRes?

Like Cetis brands of phones, we have been in business for almost 20 years, helping customers manage their telecommunications and reduce costs. Based in Fort Lauderdale, ComRes is a leading provider of commercial telephone systems, carrier services, project management, low voltage voice/data cabling and Cetis phones in South Florida.

Purchasing Cetis brand phones through ComRes as the following advantages:

  • Local sales support
  • Faceplate design assistance
  • Assistance with cabling and other services
  • Low cost and professional support

Cetis iPhone

Analog Series

Get the latest in Cetis design,

coupled with Cetis’ legendary quality!


Cetis iPhone

DECT Cordless

Same great design of Cetis’

iPhone Analog, but without the cords!

Cetis Diamond Series

This is the most popular Cetis model. Simple, reliable, cost-effective!

Cetis Opal Series

A reliable room phone with attractive European styling


Cetis Opal DECT Cordless

Get a sleek room phone that is

cordless and reliable!

Cetis E Series

E Series phones meet the highest standards of quality, durability and innovation. And since their smaller footprint requires less plastic, we use less energy in the manufacturing process.


Cetis Cordless E-Series

Our stunning new micro-footpint single and two-line E Series cordless telephones provide the perfect complement to flat screen monitors and televisions in the office or guest room.

E-Series Cordless

Cetis Nugget Series

Cetis quality packed into a small phone for hotels with limited desk space!


Cetis Trimline Series

The perfect phone for admin and common areas!

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