ComRes Complete Managed Services

Telephone System Solution
  • Why own technology that may be obsolete before you finish paying for it?
  • ComRes Complete is a way to have the latest technology with a guaranteed monthly price
  • ComRes Complete has free training for the life of the agreement
  • ComRes Complete has free software upgrades

Managed Telecommunication Services

ComRes Complete 4-Phone Managed Services Package ……………….$140/month!*
VinTalk 4-Line, 1 Fax, 3.0 Meg ADSL Package ……………….$219/month!*

*Subject to credit approval. Does not include applicable taxes/fees

Why own something that will soon be obsolete without putting substantial investments into upgrading and maintenance? This is why ComRes is offering the Com-Res Complete Managed Services telephone system solution package. For less than you are probably paying today for phone service and Internet access, you can have all new phones with the latest features.

No more maintenance. No more unplanned system replacement costs due to catastrophe. Learn to manage your own system. No more obsolete hardware.

Free training. And best of all—save money doing it!

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