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ComRes Managed Voice Services

Have you ever received large, unexpected bills for telephone system repair or programming? Many businesses like yours want a low-cost monthly budget for managing their telecommunications technology to keep systems functioning properly without surprises.

Are you confident that your telephone system has the latest software and that your users have all of the features/training available to them to help you be more competitive and focus on your business? Managing your organization is difficult and requires your full attention. A ComRes Complete Managed Voice Services plan from ComRes can give you a low, monthly budget for telecommunications support, ensure that your telephone system is up-to-date with all software upgrades, and that your staff is fully trained on features that can help you be more efficient.


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ComRes Managed Voice Services

Has your business ever had interruptions due to downtime on your phone system, lost data, or delayed response times from your telecommunications vendor? ComRes Complete Managed Voice Services plans give you piece of mind in knowing that your telephone system is backed up and you will have preferential response times in the event of a system outage.

Is your current telephone vendor responsive to your needs? Can you reach them quickly and easily? Are the technicians that show up trained, professional and customer-service oriented? ComRes answers all calls with a live body during normal business hours, and all work in South Florida is performed by customer-friendly ComRes employees, so that you receive the very best telecommunications service.

Plans starting for as little as $6.30/month per user!

ComRes Complete Managed Voice Services

Why Managed Services?

You are an expert at your businessarrows3ComRes manages voice communications full time
Un-budgeted monthly labor chargesarrows3Flat monthly managed services cost
PBX firmware/software outdatedarrows3Free upgrading (requires SWA) of firmware/software
Systems not backed uparrows3ComRes maintains off-site backups of systems
Finger-pointing with telecom issuesarrows3ComRes takes ownership of issues for free
Users/Admins not trainedarrows3Training included in cost of managed services

Without managed services, organizations tend to only spend money when it is absolutely needed, so they abandon best-practices outlined by their telephone system manufacturer, leaving themselves exposed to critical outages, expensive repairs and reactionary service.

Systems don’t get backed up and are rarely up-to-date with software and patches. Users are not properly trained and when problems occur there is finger-pointing between service providers and your equipment vendor.

Let’s face it, you are an expert at whatever you are in, but ComRes is an expert at managing telecommunications and has been doing it successfully for over 25 years.

Time and Materials
ComRes Complete Managed Voice Services

Without Managed Services


  • $125/Hour normal business hours
  • No priority response time
  • $100 ‘Expedite Fee’ for most orders

Managed Services

With Managed Voice Services Gold Plan

  • Unlimited 24X7 Remote Repair Labor
  • Unlimited 24X7 Remote Work Order Labor
  • 3 Free Site Visits per year (normal business hours)
  • Free monitoring of PBX system
  • Free system software/firmware updates (may require SWA)
  • Priority Response Times (SLA)
  • Free Bill Auditing
  • Free annual technology audit
  • Free Telco Coordination orders
  • Free System backups
  • Free remote Admin training
  • Free remote user training

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