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digital phones

Mitel announces promos on their new 6900 series phones

It’s hard to get excited about new desktop phones – many telephone manufacturers are moving towards PC phone applications, UC collaboration software, smartphone apps and twinning to cell phones as a way to supplement or replace traditional desktop phones.  Mitel is definitely a leader in this movement, however, their new 6900 series phones offer a […]

meeting productivity

Are Company Meetings a Waste of Time?

Meetings have fallen out of favor in recent years as a waste of time and company resources.  And rightfully so to a degree – most companies do not conduct meetings well.  Meetings are being replaced by the newest trends and technologies (see 5 Communication Tools for Your Business).  However, when conducted the right way, meetings […]

5 Communication Tools for your Business

Communication is key! ComRes is a technology company, so obviously we are always interested in technology that we can deploy to communicate better with our employees, or implement for our customers to communicate with theirs.   There are too many methods to discuss in this newsletter but I want to highlight some that ComRes uses that […]

Business People Talking

The Proof’s in the Pudding

You have probably heard this phrase over and over, but what does it really mean?  When it comes to service, everybody you talk to says that they have the best service, the best people, etc., so who do you believe? How do you tell your own prospects what differentiates you from competitors? ComRes battles this […]

Are you using technology to help manage your business?

ComRes is seeing that many clients are spending money to replace or upgrade their technology in order to help manage their businesses and provide scalability for growth. After years of recession and depressed growth, companies are investing heavily in people and technology. The rate of change has been so rapid that providers are having a […]

Contract Signing

Permitting and Free Training Grants?

If your business is in Broward County, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance (the Alliance) has many benefits you can take advantage of for free.  The Alliance’s mission is to attract businesses and talent to Broward County, and keep companies/talent here. They have several free services that may benefit your business. Permitting – are you re-locating […]

ComRes launches IOS app for CloudTalk VoIP

ComRes launched an IOS app for its CloudTalk VoIP phone service last month.  This app extends the functionality of its cloud-based phone service to a user’s Apple smartphone.  Besides being able to access many of the normal features provided by ComRes’ CloudTalk VoIP service, the app allows users to: *           […]

We’re moving this month, somebody call the phone company!

  Most office leases are 3-5 years, so moving an office isn’t something we do very often.  Most businesses, therefore, don’t have a plan for re-locating or the expertise to do it.  Very often the various responsibilities get handed off to administrative staff who have no training for this and were not with the company […]