Who has your back?

backI’m sure almost everyone could answer this question with a friend or family member that is his or her fail-safe in times of hardship or trouble. But, what about your data?

Who has your back? With the frequency natural disasters, power loss, database corruption or even accidental deletion of data, everyone should have a way to recover important digital information.

If your initial reaction is “my computer will auto-save,” let’s identify some aspects of your company to take into consideration when building a backup plan for data recovery.
Think about the information you hold in your system. What percentage of that data is critically important to the operation of your business? Assuming that a majority of your data is imperative, how many external hard drives would you need to store that information? It seems daunting, especially when you consider how often that data is updated or changed, requiring daily or even hourly backups.
Given these truths, the need for external assistance with data backup and recovery is vital for the peace of mind and consistent operation of all businesses. It is very easy to overlook with the hectic day-to-day operations, especially for small business owners. Take time to think about the protection of your data to avoid the feeling of regret later.