The Importance of Customer Service

Customer ServiceIt is considered to some to be a lost art. To others, this aspect of business is a deal maker or breaker.

Some may say they don’t care, but there are many reasons why you should pay close attention to customer service when selecting a company to service your business in any industry.

First, this may be a tough thing to swallow, but the way a company treats you reflects how they value your company and you business. While some may disagree, in many cases, customer service reflects one’s valuation of the client. If they perceive you company as ‘a-dime-a-dozen,’ so to speak, they may not care about losing your business due to poor service.

Not only does customer service reflect how they feel about your business, but it also reflects they value they put on their business and product as well. While I know that every once in a while you will get a rogue staff member that doesn’t care about the welfare of their business, overall, company culture starts at the top. If someone offers quality customer service and is intent on your satisfaction, you know that they value their product or service. Furthermore, not only does it reflect the valuation they put on their company, product or service, but it can also reflect the quality of their product or service. If they don’t take the time to offer proper customer service, what else do they cut corners on? Be very weary of the quality of product or service you are purchasing from a company with poor or nonexistent customer service.

Not only does bad customer service reflect badly on the company in question, but it also can negatively affect your bottom line. When a company is making a decision on a purchasing a business-to-business product or service, they may opt for a company with bad customer service because it is cheaper or they may have an existing relationship that they don’t want to hurt by allowing other bids. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong that prevents you from doing business, it is easy to assume that their bad customer service will be a factor in the time it will take for you to be back in business. Therefore, when you are choosing a company for a product or service for your business, pay attention to how they treat you in the easy times – if they exemplify poor customer service; just think what will happen when a crisis occurs.

Overall, customer service creates a legacy of value for a company and their product or service. Companies that do the little things right and pay attention to customer service develop loyal customers that recognize the value of this ‘lost art.’ When choosing a service company for your business, ask to speak with other clients or read testimonials. Don’t be afraid to gather as much information as possible about the value they place on quality customer service.