Nortel Liquidation

 NortelComRes, a 20-year Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based telecommunications company is offering plans to help many of the Nortel customers it services replace those systems with newer technology.

As announced June 20th,

Nortel has announced plans to liquidate itself

(see full article at, selling any assets in can in bankruptcy.This does not have any immediate impact on current Nortel customers, but will have a long-term affect on the ability to upgrade current Nortel equipment, obtain replacement parts and maintain knowledgeable service staff.

Several of the telecommunications manufacturers offered by ComRes (such as Mitel and Avaya) have attractive upgrade plans with deep discounts for replacing Nortel equipment.Despite the current credit crunch, ComRes has seen little or no affect on customers’ ability to obtain funding through traditional leasing sources if they do not have cash for a new system.

Though ComRes is not an authorized Nortel distributor, we have serviced Nortel systems for most of our 20-year history and will continue to do so as our customers request us to.If you want more information on what Nortel-replacement offers are available from other reputable manufactures, or funding plans available, please call Sales at 954-462-9600 or email ComRes at

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