The Keys to Measuring VoIP Service

voip“One thing is for sure, cloud-based VoIP phone systems are quickly becoming the standard means of enterprise-grade, feature-rich communication for businesses, non-profits and government agencies worldwide. A strategic and technically sound VoIP implementation strategy unlocks tremendous value, while remaining secure and dependable. 1” That quote comes from a Huffington Post article, 6 Keys to a Successful VoIP Implementation, by Jason Volmut, CEO/Founder of CPUrx and Co-Founder of Forum Coworking.

Maybe this quote or other posts on this blog have convinced you to pursue VoIP. If so, you will find there are many companies that claim to offer quality VoIP service. So how do you wade amongst the masses and choose a winner?

There are quantitative and qualitative measures to help you find a winner.

Let’s start with quantitative. Mr. Volmut refers to a telecom service company’s MOS score as a way to make a judgment on their level of service.

“MOS stands for “Mean Opinion Score”, and has been used for decades in telephone networks to obtain the human user’s view of the quality of the network. An MOS score of 5 represents the same quality as a face-to-face conversation, while a score of 1 represents abysmal performance. As a benchmark, an average MOS of 4 or more is an acceptable result. 1”

Some VoIP companies are characterized by bad service through misrepresentation, monopolistic tendencies and a general lack of morals. While there is no absolute foolproof determinant for every situation, the MOS score is an effective, quantitative measuring stick for VoIP service companies. 1

Now for qualitative, As mentioned in a previous article on this blog, “The Importance of Customer Service,” customer service is an intangible method of measuring service that is extremely important for not only VoIP, but many business service companies. Taken from that post: “Companies that do the little things right and pay attention to customer service develop loyal customers that recognize the value of this ‘lost art.’ When choosing a service company for your business, ask to speak with other clients or read testimonials. Don’t be afraid to gather as much information as possible about the value they place on quality customer service.”

While customer service is indeed a lost art, a company that takes the time to do the little things right will most likely take care of you as their customer. Therefore, when exploring your options for VoIP service, check the company’s MOS score as well as their customer reviews. Don’t be afraid to do the research and ask the tough questions. Your work on the front end will save you time and money during your contract and will especially come in handy if something goes wrong.
1Volmut, J. (2014) 6 Keys to a Successful VoIP Implementation. Huffington Post. Retrieved Oct. 27, 2014 from