Hurricane Preparedness


ComRes, a 20-year old telecommunications company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is reminding its customers that it is never too late to begin hurricane preparedness.

  Though hurricane season officially starts June 1, there are still things customers can do to prepare for a disaster.  Some of the things that ComRes offers are:

  • Hosted IP Telephone systems – these ‘virtual’ phone systems are based in hardened co-location facilities.  You can use IP phones anywhere in the world behind high-speed Internet connections in order to run your business.  These can be as simple as a backup to your current system, or an entire system replacement.
  • VoIP phone Service – ComRes offers services from Nuvox that has a built-in web portal for customers to use to control their main phone numbers. 
  • UPS Battery Backup – this is the time to check your UPS systems to make sure they are working properly.  UPS batteries typically only last about 5 years, but their lifespan is shortened dramatically if their batteries are allowed to run completely dead.  If you believe your office will be without power, shut down all equipment including the UPS systems.
  • Conference Calling – if your office is shut down, a conference calling service is an excellent way to stay in touch with your employees on a regular basis to communicate the status of your business.  These services are typically free and you pay ONLY if they are used.


If you are interested in ways to help protect your business, please call Sales at 954-462-9600 or email ComRes as